HandyHeat 950 wifi termostat

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Remote control of heating from anywhere, at any time.

The discreet and timeless design of the touch screen makes it fit into modern home interior.

The robust system design means that users will retain full control of the heating even if Internet access is interrupted. Users can always access all programming options and functions via the built-in touch screen display.


  • Remote control of heating from anywhere, at any time
  • Set up/operate floor heating locally without internet connection
  • Control thermostats in multiple locations (e.g. holiday home)
  • With one Warmme App you are able to control as many locations with as many HH 850 WiFi thermostats you have.
  • Frost protection, weekly schedule, away/vacation settings, and economy mode
  • Remote access and control via user-friendly Warmme app
  • Simple set-up with installation wizard No gateways required
  • Open window function
  • A single HH 850 WiFi thermostat can be paired with up to 10 mobile devices using Warmme App
  • Can communicate with two mobile devices simultaneously
  • Is available in both black and white